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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Thats me in the back of the boat in the pink/red vest with the hair flowing. Those were the days, out racing, enjoying the outdoors and living life to the fullest. What a great day that was, I will never forget that day. We won the regatta and got boat of the event and this huge trophy that the owner of the boat really wanted to win. The year before we came up a little short and came in second overall. As perseverance goes, one year latter and a little work, we were able to achieve our lofty goal - Go Team Partnership.

Today, you won't find me on the water racing sailboats, that is due to my limited physical abilities that stem from the onset of multiple myeloma. Three years ago I was working in a boat yard as head rigger. In the fall of that year my back started to hurt and I was having trouble keeping up with the crew. Within a few days I went to the doctor and they thought it was just a strain and gave me some meds and said watch and wait and go back to work when I felt up to it.

Low and behold, two or three days later in my apartment my upper vertebrae broke and crushed into my spinal cord. In severe pain and shock waves going down my spine I drove myself to the local hospital. After many hours my condition got worse and I lost all feeling in my lower body. The intending was very concerned and sent me directly to Yale Medical which happens to be right in New Haven, CT.

Upon arrival at Yale I was put in a room and the on call Nero Surgeon came to my room. He asked quite matter of fact, do you want to walk again, I said yes that would be nice. He said we need to do surgery right away because your spinal cord is being compressed by the broken vertebra. I gave them the go ahead and within a few minutes they were prepping me for surgery.

The next thing I know is I wake up in recovery with a new titanium rod holding my vertebra's together, they removed T3 and ran the rod from T1 to T6. That is what holds my spinal column in place now.

Upon waking up I learned that the break was caused by the blood cancer multiple meyloma. That was a pretty big shock to the whole mental and physical system. In front of me was two years of Physical Rehabilitation and cancer treatments which consisted of Targeted Chemotherapy, Radiation, Oral Chemotherapy and ultimately, a Stem Cell Transplant.

For many years the MM was in good remission and the Physical Rehabilitation was/is ongoing. About one month ago I got a full body MRI which showed the MM was starting to creep back. Now I am in a new Immunotherapy protocol that reqires 9 shots in nine weeks for round one, 9 shots every other week for 18 weeks and then shots once a month until it stops working.

After 6 shots the markers that were rising have been cut in half and are very close too where they were before the full body MRI.

So things are looking up.


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