Return of the Best Regatta Venue in North America

Jan 17-21, 2022

In my lifetime I think I did 20 plus Key West Race Weeks. It's the perfect time of year for sailing in Key West. What really makes this regatta so wonderful is the fact that its the perfect get away after a stressful holiday season and pretty much a dormant sailing time for most people in the US. It provides the best opportunity to pack up and spend 10 days in paradise.

Key West would not be on my bucket list for a family vacation, its really not that type of place for most of us. But add all your friends, competitors and the best sailing in North America coupled with some of the best, bars, restaurants and accommodations, how can you not have the best time of your life.

When I first started going to Key West Race Week it was very interesting. The sailing was as good as it gets, but the marine facilities and the waterfront was pretty lacking and not very spectacular. We always stayed at the Galleon and really that was the only place you could dock a boat. Over the years developers came in a made the waterfront one of the most beautiful and user friendly venues for yacht racing.

Its so nice to just kick back after sailing and enjoy the island and all it has to offer.

The boys from Black Rock Boat Works will be on site at the regatta either sailing on Fireball the J-111, that's if its not a class event, if its a class event they will have even more time to help all competitors with any services they may need.

Here are a few items you may need for your trip to Key West and the new Southern Most Regatta:

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