Morning Coffee and Stratton Magazine - Article "Trail Magic"

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

This morning while I was drinking coffee I picked up Stratton Magazine that my sister Jennifer brought home the other day. The magazine comes out four times a year summer, fall, holiday and winter. The magazine is available by subscription and can be viewed online or subscribed for home delivery. You can find the subscription information at

There were a couple of articles in the magazine that caught my eye: The first one is titled Trail Magic, Story By Benjamin Lerner, An inside look at the hiking scene in Southern Vermont.

The article is about the hiking scene in Southern Vermont, but one of the focal points is the two monumental trails that intersect in Rutland Vermont known as the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail. It's pretty darn cool that those two trails intersect in Southern Vermont.

Earlier this year, Labor Day weekend to be exact. My good friend Peter Cusick called me and informed me that he was coming to Vermont to do stage three of his Long Trail Hike. His plan was to park his car off RT 30 near Bromley Ski Area and make his way to the top of Killington Mountain and then a short trip to his final destination at Pico Mountain. The total hike was roughly 45-50 miles and his intention as was to accomplish this hike solo and in four days with three nights sleeping in his tent trail side.

This is where I cam into the picture. Since I am living in Wilmington, Vermont and have limited mobility and could not join my friend, I acted as base camp from my living room over the holiday weekend. Thursday before Peter embarked on his solo hike, he came to my house and gave me the map in the picture above, its called the Green Mountain Club - Vermonts Long Trail - A Footpath in the Wilderness. He also gave me a detailed description on paper of his route, how far he planned to go each day with milage and start times. If you are a relatively good hiker and have trained and have the correct equipment you should be able to cover a mile on these trails every 30 minutes or so. With the information he gave me I was able to track his progress and guess at where he might be during the course of the day and ultimately where he would end up at the end of each day. Tracking his progress each day was really fun and pretty interesting.

The map (above) is best used alongside The Green Mountain Club's Long Trail Guide (below), which provides detailed trail descriptions, trip planning, group use, directions to trailheads, and more. GMC offers digital versions of this map and the Long Trail Guide on their website

The Long Trail and Hiking in Vermont is something I was never really aware of or had interest in, mostly because I did not know it existed. When Peter invited me to watch over his hike (If he had trouble out there I would have orchestrated his rescue) it encouraged me to learn more about the long trail, its history and what it has to offer.

My hope is that you read this post and get excited to learn more about hiking and the Long Trail in Vermont. I will leave you with the video that Peter took during the course of his four day trip.


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