J-111 - Go Maxx/Fireball - Youth Sailing

This is a great story that is always good for sailing. Jimmy Spithill did this once with the Melges 24 at the Worlds - Which he won by the way.

Anytime you can include juniors on your boat in any race you are doing the whole sailing community a big favor.

I have done this many times and it encourages so many positive things on the boat:

  • It just makes the whole sailing experience so much more fun and relaxed.

  • It tones everything down - like said in the article its hard to swear about a bad take down with a nine year old on the boat.

  • It adds some youth to the program.

  • You will learn from the youth on the boat.

  • It promotes teaching and lots and lots of questions.

It just adds to the fun factor and makes you feel like you are actually contributing to society while racing sailboats.

So the next time you are putting a crew together think of the local juniors that are chopping at the bit to go sailing.


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