Updated: Jan 18

F#CK CANCER is a wonderful site that dives deep into the benefits of a 501-(C)(3) nonprofit and what they can do for people fighting all types of cancer, plus you have to love the NAME and the LOGO.

F#CK CANCER'S mission statement is to early detect cancers of all types and give the cancer patient

all the information possible to effectively fight their particular strain of cancer. Since you won't be the

person to fight cancer they try and add value to your decision making process by incorporating other

peoples decision making process and outcomes so you have the best chance of success and survival.

Being a Cancer patient myself I know how overwhelming these decisions can be. If you don't live in

an area that has top notch cancer doctors so much can slip through the cracks. A site like F#CK

CANCER can actually save your life.

Please use this a a support system as well as a resource center and don't let the name fool you, these

people know what they are doing.


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