About Me


Hello, my name is Bear Hovey and I am starting this Blog to hopefully help people gain perspective on the trials and tribulations of life.  About three years ago I was diagnosed with the blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.  It's been a long fight and treatment process so far.  This all coupled with the Covid 19 pandemic has made life quite interesting.

This blog is open to anything at anytime.  My passions are sports, mainly skiing and sailing.  But now that life has thrown all this other crap at me, we must say anything is on the table when it comets content.

if there is anything you would like to talk about with me or something you want me to write about, just send a note from the link below with your request.


If this blog only helps one person, I would label it a success.  I know doing this blog is going to open a lot of doors for me and give me more purpose in my life.


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